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PRICE: Loaded on Truck, Our Warehouse, York, PA …… $500.00

Stock # 11225
Serial # SP1773E2
Model: E-02057

Chamber Size: 22" L-R x 20" High x 44" Deep
Rated: 29.2 KW, 40 Amps, Circuit Amps 20
Input Voltage: 3 Phase, 60 Hz, 480 Volts
Full Load Amps: 36
3650 Watts Per Heater Element Lamp
Distance Floor to Table Top: 25"
Digital Temperature Control
Digital Batch Timer Control
Dual Swing Open Front Doors
Chamber Has a Pull Out Metal Work Table: 20" Wide x 36" Long
(8) 40" Long Glass Tube Instant On/Off Quartz Lamp Heating Elements - In VG Condition
Each Heating Element is 3650 Watts, 480 Volts, A2
Safety Micro Switches Sensing Open Doors
Stainless Steel Chamber
Note: There is No bottom Panel to Make this a Fully Enclosed Heat Chamber. It is Designed this Way.
NO Fan or Blower System for Chamber
Overall Size: 52" L-R x 46" F-B x 63-1/4" High
Present Overall Condition of the Oven is Excellent
The Temperature of the Oven is Based on the Wattage of the Heating Elements. The Elements Can be Changed to Suit a Required Temperature. Present Temperature Rating is Unknown, Consult Fostoria for this Information. It is Recommended that All Elements be Removed From the Oven During Shipping to Avoid Breakage.

Made in Fostoria, Ohio, USA

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