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PRICE: Loaded on Truck, Our Warehouse, York, PA …… $12,500.00

Stock # 13075
Serial # None

Facing Slide: 12" Wide
Slide Travel: Approx. 9"
Slide is 12" Wide with (2) 7/8" T-Slots on 9" Centers
6-1/2" Hole Thru Facing Head with a Bronze Bushing in the
Head to Reduce the Hole to 6"
There is an Adapter Bolted to the Back of the Head with a
7-3/4" Bore
The Head was Being Used on a 7-3/4" Spindle Boring Mill
The Adapter is Bolted to the Head by (4) Bolts that Run Thru
The Head from Front to Back
There is a Lever on the Front of the Head to Put the Slide in
Neutral or In and Out
There is a Hand Crank on the OD of the Head for Rapid Manual
Positioning of the Slide (The Handle is Removable)
There is a 30" Dia. Hand Wheel on the Back of the Head that when
Held will Advance or Retract the Facing Slide
6-Position Feed Selector Dial, (1) Full Revolution of the Hand Wheel
Will Move the Slide .0029 - .0049 - .0082 - .0138 - .0233 - .0392
(1) Boring Bar Holder that Bolts to the T-Slots in the Slide,
24" Long and will take 4" Dia. Boring Bar
Head Weighs: 1,238 Lbs.

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