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Description & Specifications

PRICE: Loaded on Truck, Our Warehouse, York, PA ………… $7,500.00

HMC Stock No. 17016-P
Machine Serial No. 3642
Machine Model No. SS14
New Date: 1988

Points and Features That Can Be Ground:
Standard, Center Point, Gray Cast iron, Split Point, Web Thinning,
Correction of Cutting Lips, Core Drills, Stepped Drills
Multi Fluted Tools with Right or Left Hand Cutting and with
Cylindrical or Taper Shank

Drill Grinder Side:
Face Type Grinding Wheel: 12" Dia. x 2-1/2" Wide Face x 2" Thick
Variable Grinding Point Angle: 80 to 170 Degrees
Grinding Size Diameter: 0.393" to 3.937" (10 to 100 mm)
One Drill V Block Support for Grind End 19/32" to 1-9/16" Range

Drill Point Thinning Side:
Grinding Wheel Size: 10" Dia. x 1" Wide
Drill Diameter Full Range: 0.394" to 3.150" (10 to 80mm)
(1) #6 V Block Drill Guide for Point Thinning (.787" to 1.574")
4 Blocks Required for Complete Size Range 0.394" to 3.150" (only have the 1)

Working Length of Drill Either Size: 2.560" to 21.653" (65mm to 550 mm)

Manually Operated
Operation Controls For:
Wheel Oscillation On - Off
Forward - Reverse
Grinding Wheel Start - Stop
Coolant Pump On - Off
Built In Adjustable Wheel Dressers for Each Side
(1) Flue Index Finger For Each Side
(2) Adjustable Wheel Head Ram Position Stops
(1) Grinding Wheel Hub for Each Side
Drill End Support for Each Side
Wheel Guards for Each Side
Coolant Tank with Pump
Machine Operations and Parts Manuals on CD Rom Disc
Supports and Accessories are Available from the Manufacturers Agent
Overall Size of Machine Only: 78" L-R x 44" F-B x 67" High x 2,600 Lbs.
Machine on Skid: 78" L-R x 46" F-B x 70" High x 2,700 Lbs.

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