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PRICE: Loaded on Truck, Our Warehouse, York, PA …$10,000. AS IS

HMC Stock No. 17031
Machine Serial No. 400-2052
Machine Model No. E4F-RT
New Date: 1975
Made in Scotland

Yes this machine needs some work. A good clean up and electrical work is mostly needed. We have not test run this machine fully in our shop because we do not have the internal capacity needed to electrically get it hooked up and tricked out. From a physical inspection the ways are hard, table and saddle ways are good the vertical ways do show some scoring. With the features the machine has, built in rotary table, facing head, 50 taper spindle, features you will not find on a G&L, once fixed and running it would be a very practical and desirable machine. We simply do not have the time to get it to that point. Like the email says we need floor space. I am wide open for offers and I can load the machine onto a buyers truck no charge. I am looking for an honest offer for the machine net to HMC condition AS IS loaded on truck . The machine is in our warehouse and can be seen but is not under power.

Spindle Diameter: 4"
Spindle Travel: Unknown
Built In Rotary Table Size: 48" x 73" with (6) T Slots & (1) Key Slot
X Axis Table Travel: 73"
Y Axis Vertical Travel of Head on Column: 60"
Distance Spindle Center to Table Top: 0" Min., 52" Max.
Distance Facing Head Face to Table Edge: 61-1/4" Max.
Spindle Taper: #50 National Standard with Power Tool Draw Bar System
Facing Head Size: 26" Diameter
Facing Head Slide Travel: 9-1/2"
32 Spindle Speeds: 1.73 to 1320 RPM
24 Power Feeds: 3556 to 4.06 MM / Minute, 3175 to .0036 MM / Revolution

Power Rapid Traverse and Clamping to All Axis
Built In Power Rotary Table – Power Traverse Motor and Controls for Table Missing
360 Degree Markings with Vernier on Circumference of Table
RH & LH Tapping with Spindle (Missing Switch for Taping with Saddle)
Newall Digital Readout System, Model DP1200, 4 Axis Display, 3 Axis in Uses
Digital Readout Used Axes Table X, Head Vertical Y, Saddle In-Out Z
Assorted 50 Taper Tool Holders
Machine Operation has Full Pendant Control
Hard Replaceable Table and Saddle Ways in Good Condition
Soft Vertical Ways in Good Condition
Manual Hand Crank
Coolant Pump and Piping, Coolant Sump in Machine Base
2 Floor Mounted Table Outriggers
Central Automatic Way Lubrication System
Assorted Machine Factory Repair Parts Manuals, Drawings and Schematics
Foundation Layout Drawing
Machine is Wired for 3 Phase, 60 Hz, 480 Volt Operation 

Saddle Ways and Column: 78" Wide x 219" Long x 142" High x 39,800 Lbs.
Table and Saddle: 163" Long x 69" Wide x 49" High x 16,200 Lbs.
Electrical Panel: 83" x 23" x 87" High x Est. 700 Lbs.
Floor Outriggers (Both Together): 28" Wide x 112" Long x 9" High x 2000 Lbs. for both

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