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Description & Specifications

PRICE: Loaded on Truck, Our Warehouse, York, PA ………… $7,950.00

HMC Stock No. 17039-P
Machine Serial No. LG274-8
Machine Model No. GP15-50
New Date: Unknown

Swing Over Table: 12"
Distance Between Centers: 20"
Max. Grinder Diameter: 6"
Max. Load Between Centers: 275 Lbs.
Grinding Head Infeed Travel: 7.9"
Total Stroke Through Micro Mechanism: 6.3"
Hydraulic Rapid Approach and Withdrawal Stroke: 1.6"
Automatic Feed Approach Stroke: 0.0315"
Automatic Infeed at End of Table Traverse: 0.0001" to 0.0016"
Infeed Per Handwheel Turn: 0.04"
Graduation of the Wheelhead Handwheel: 0.0001"
Grinding Wheel Size: 16" Dia. x 3" Wide x 6" Bore
Grinding Wheel Speeds Via Pulley Change: 1450 and 1700 RPM
Table Minimum Automatic Reciprocating ???: 0.12 to 0.2"
Hydraulic Variable Table Speed: 2 to 160 IPM
Table Swivel Angle: 10 to -3 Degrees
(8) Workhead Speeds Via Belt Change and 2-Speed Motor: 30 to 360 RPM
Non Swiveling Workhead Center Taper: # 4 Morse
Tailstock Quill Taper: #4 Morse
Grinding Wheel Sizes: 16" to 13" Dia. = 5900/4900 FPM Pulley A
13" to 11" Dia. = 5900/4900 FPM Pulley B
Note: Only have one pulley and not sure which one it is

Variable Head Infeed for Rough and Fine Feed Cycles
Variable Table Tarry at Each End of Table Stroke
Adjustable Spring Loaded Tailstock Quill
(2) Adjustable Table Traverse Stops
(1) Adjustable Table Positive Stop
Table Mounted Wheel Dresser with Diamond
(1) Wheel Mounting Hub for 3" Wide Wheel
Grinding Wheel Guard
Assorted Work Area Splash Guards
115 Volt Control Voltage
5 HP Grinding Wheel Motor
2 HP Hydraulic System Motor
? HP Coolant Pump Motor
Machine is Wired for 3 Phase, 60 Hz, 230 / 460 Volt Operation

Overall Size of Components:
Machine: 79" L-R x 58" F-B x 54" High (no blocks) x ? Lbs.
Hydraulic System: 23" x 36" x 29" High x ? Lbs.
Coolant System on Wheels: 23" x 45" x 24" High x ? Lbs.
All Items on a Common Skid: 111" L-R x 70" F-B x 64" High
Total Skidded Weight: ?

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