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Description & Specifications

PRICE: Loaded on Truck, Our Warehouse, York, PA ……$49,500.00

HMC Stock No. 17106-P
Machine Serial No. 211/40
Machine Model No. HSC-ONE / HSC 1100
New Date: 2003


Axis Travel: Working Capacity
Longitudinal Travel (X axis): (880 mm) 34.64"
Vertical Travel (Y Axis): (510 mm) 20.07"
Cross Travel (Z Axis): (650 mm) 25.59"

Rotary Table (A Axis): 360 Degrees Continuous
Rotary Table Diameter: (480 mm) 18.8"
Rotary Table Speed: Up to 120 RPM
Rotary Table Capacity: (350 kg) 771.61 Lbs.
Number of T Slots: 8
Max. Diameter of Work Piece on Table: (775 mm) 30.5"
Trunnion Tilt (B Axis): ?
Distance Table To Spindle Nose: (0 – 510 mm) 0 – 20.07"

Feed Rate:
Feed Rate: (0 - 12000 mm) 0 - 472.44 IPM
Rapid Feed: (0 - 28000 mm) 0 – 1102.36 IPM
Servomotor Type: Brushless AC

Taper: HSK 80
Spindle Speed Range: 70 to 16,000 RPM
Maximum Power: 40 HP
Speed at Power Rate: 4200 RPM
Motor (Continuous): (28 Kw) 35 HP
Drive Type: Brushless AC Motor

Automatic Tool Changer:
Number of Tool Racks: 2
Positions Each Rack: 64 positions
The 2 Tool Changer Racks are Independent.
Tools can be Loaded or Unloaded in 1 Rack While the Other Rack is Executing a Tool Change.
Total Number of Tools: 128 (On 2 Racks)
Maximum Tool Diameter: 4.3" (Adjacent Pockets Empty)
Maximum Tool Diameter: 3.5" (Adjacent Pockets Occupied)
Maximum Tool Length: 10.4"
Maximum Tool Weight: 18 Lbs.

Working Assembled Overall Dimensions:
6000 mm Wide x 5210 mm Depth x 2670 mm High x 39,680 Lbs. Total Weight
236.22" 201.57" 105.11"

Compressed Air Required For Operation: 6 Bar x Flowrate 320Gis/1'

Machine Concept & Features:
Stationary Table Design with Traveling Column
CNC Controlled Thermal Growth Compensation System on Linear Axes
Automatic Centralized Lubrication
Switchable Electronic Hand Wheel for All 3 Axes
Axes Clamping via Electromagnetic Brakes
Hydraulic Counterbalance on Vertical Axis (Y)
Recirculating Spindle Oil Chiller with Temperature Control
Total Work Area Enclosure
Temperature Control System for Workpiece Coolant
High Pressure Pistol for Workpiece Coolant
Rotoclear Window System
Chip Conveyor
Marposs Workpiece Probing System
BLUM Laser Tool Probing System
3D Cutter Comp
Remote Handwheel
(28) Assorted HSK80 Toolholders
(6) Kennametal long nose shrink type holder
(6) Assorted short nose shrink type holder, mfgr
(10) Guhring 20mm – 3/8 standard endmill holders
(2) Schunk collect type tool holders
(4) Valenite long nose standard endmill holders

Electronic Tool Measuring System:
Piezoelectric Dynamic Force Sensor
Acceleration Sensor with Vibration Measurement
Electronics for Interface and Acquisition of Data
Data Processing and Display Unit
System Software
Collision Sensing
Sensing of Excessive Vibration Due to Tool Imbalance
Auto Learning to Calculate Alarm Thresholds for Dynamic Force Sensor

32 Bit Architecture
(2) Standard PC’s: (1) for Machine’s CNC Control and (1) for Additional Applications (i.e., CAD/CAM)

This Configuration Allows the CNC to get the Most Available Power, Avoiding Possible Slow Down While Running DOS-WINDOWS Applications, and Protecting the Operative System (Z 32) from Damage from Eventual Failures of the Application Software or Operational Errors of the Operator.

The System Can Run Up to 6 Processors, Where Every Process is an Independent Numerical Control Which Functions on its Own, Simultaneously and/or Independently.

32 Bit Processor
WINDOW NT2000 Operating System
3.5" Floppy Disk with 1.44 MB Capacity
LCD Monitor
External Connections:
Serial Port
Parallel Port
LAN network Card 10/100 with TCP/IP Protocol Remote Control
Standard Graphics in the Plane
3D Geometry
3D Technology
5-Axes Verification Program
3-Axes Post Processor for CNC AZ200
DXF Interface

Software Performances:
●In the Program You Can Create, Read-Out Parameters, Origins and Data in Permanent Memory.
●RTCP (Rotation Tool Center Point) on Inclined Planes.
●Rotation of the Milling Head in RTCP by Means of the Electronic Hand Wheel During Program Execution.
●The Programmed Axes Can be Exchanged Through a Function. (i.e. Move Z Programming Y)
●Operative Limits for Each Axis Can be Modified in the Program.
●Separate Scaling Factors for Zones or Linear/Rotative Axis.
●Rotation and Shift of Origins in Space
●Accelerations Can be Checked and Modified in the Program in Order to Make the Axis Movements as Smooth as Possible.
●Special Algorithm for Recognizing Real Edges Among the False Edges Created by the Point per Point Profile in 5 Axis Machining with Rotary Axes.
●Measuring Cycle: (G61)
●Rigid Tapping Even on Inclined Planes
●Canned Cycles
●Metric/Inch Programming
●Execution of Programs Created in NURBS (Non Uniform Rotation B-Spline)
●Execution of Programs to be Found in External Stations Linked Through Network. There is NO Limit in Size for Programs to be Executed.
●Program Execution Timing
●Profile Storing Through Scanning
●Read-Out Up to 5 Axis

Floor Space Required (Footprint): 216" x 216" x 160"
Main Machine: 198" x 138" x 113" (With Tool Changer Partially Disassembled) x 35,700 Lbs.
Tool Changer: 72" x 48" x 156" (If Completely Removed)
Chip Blaster: 36" x 48" x 84"
Hydraulic Tank: 36" x 36" x 12"
Chiller: 32" x 24" x 48"
Coolant Tank: 48" x 72" x 24"
Chip Conveyor: 36" x 84" x 72"

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