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Reform Knife Grinder
PRICE: Loaded on Truck, Our Warehouse, York, PA …… $69,500.00

HMC Stock # 17130
Machine Serial No. 7587
Machine Type: 101/5DM
New Date: 2006

Inch dimensions are converted from metric
Will Do Cross Finish and Ray Grinding
Working Length: 397.6" (33.13') 10100 MM
(2) Full Length Electro-Magnetic Chucks (in parallel, side by side)
Chucks are 41" Segments Linked Together to Produce One Solid Flat Surface
Magnetic Chuck Face: 4" Wide
Distance Chuck Rail Apart on Centers: 7"
Distance Across Both Chuck Faces: 11"
Open Space Between Chuck Rails: 3"
Actual Chuck Length: 399-1/2" (33.4')
Coarse Pole Style Chuck Magnetic Fields
Each Chuck Rail has 90 Degree Rotation with Digital Angle Readout 0.01Degree Resolution
Chuck Rail Rotation is Independent For Each Unit
Each Chuck Rail Has 2-1/2" wide x 51" Long Bolt on Guide Bar (10 pcs. per rail)
Manual Rotation Clamping of Chuck Rotation
10" Diameter Solid Ring Type grinding Wheel with Quick Change Flange Mount
Maximum Part Height Over Chuck: 5.51"
Maximum Pass Width: 11.41"

Replaceable Bed Side and Top Way Wear Strips
Has Thru Grinding Wheel Coolant + Flood Coolant Nozzle
(2) Adjustable Table Traverse Stops
Mist Dust Collector Mounted on Rear Of Grinding Head
Operation Controls Mounted on Grinding Head and Center of Machine Bed
Central Automatic Lubrication System of Grinding Head and Ways
Variable Power Down Feed of Grinding Head with Digital Display Position
Manual and Infinitely Variable Grinding Head Down Feed
Grinding Head Down Feed Display Resolution: 0.000394" (0.01mm)
Down Feed of Head Via Ball Screw
Variable Speed of Grinding Head Stroke and Return
Infinitely Variable Grinding Head Speed Longitudinal: 1.96" to 1181.10"30 /minute
Jog Controls with Pulse Generator
Motor Load Amp Meter
System Hour Meter Shows 001800.XX Hours
Programmable Spark Out Grinding Cycle
Head Down Feed Controls For Manual – Oscillation – Creep Feed Cycles
Full Length Coolant System with Magnetic Drum Separator
Factory Operation / Parts Manual
Siemens & Allen Bradley Electrical Control Components
24 Volt Control Voltage
Baumuller Drive with EP Antriebstechnik Unidrive PLC
Large Assortment of New Spare Parts including:
new grinding head motor, new head encoder motor, assorted new cables, new bed way strips,
new cable carrier parts, new control drive unit and more…

0.75 KW, 1.5 Amp Mist Collector Motor
18 HP (13.5 KW) Grinding Head Motor
? HP Coolant Pump Motor
Wired For 3 Phase 60 Hz 480 Volts Only 25 amp, 1685 RPM

Overall Size Of Components:
Machine 476" (39.67') Long x 38" FB x 78" High x 16,000 Lbs.
Coolant System 417" (34.75') Long x 23" FB x 26" High x 900 Lbs.
Electrical Panel 50" LR x 26 FB x 81" High x ? Lbs.
Spare Parts on Skid 40" x 48" x 29" High x ? Lbs.

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