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PRICE: Loaded on Truck, Our Warehouse, York, PA ………… $59,500.00

HMC Stock No. 17169-P
Machine Serial No. M-6182
Machine Model No. FMS-75
New Date: July 2012

Rated Capacity: 75 Ton
Bed Plate Size: 25" FB x 34" LR x 5-1/2" Thick with (2) T Slots
Bed Plate has 8-1/4" Thru Hole in Center of Plate
Bed Plate is Bolted to the Machine Frame
Lower Hydraulic Cylinder is Bolted to the Underside of the Bed Plate
Uses DTE26 or Equal Hydraulic Fluid
Single Hydraulic System Runs Both Upper and Lower Cylinders
Centerline of Lower Ram to Frame: 13-3/4"
Centerline of Upper Ram to Ram Guide Bar: 14-1/4"
Hydraulic Pump Output: 27 GPM Upper and Lower Units
Fast Extend Ram Speed: 260 to 125 IPM
Pressing Speed: 125 IPM Adjustable
Return to Home Position: 235 IPM
Jog Down: 125 IPM Adjustable
Jog Up: 235 IPM
Bed Top to Face of Lower Cylinder: 18-1/4" Maximum (Approx.)
Bed Top to Face of Compression Sensor Unit: 31-1/4" Maximum (Approx.)
Floor to Bed Top: 54-1/2"
Hydraulic System Maximum Operating Pressure: 2986 PSI
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity: 150 Gallon

Flow Speed Control Valve for Each Cylinder Unit
Pressure Control Valve for Each Cylinder Unit
Dual Palm Button Operation Controls
PLC Controls with Touch Screen Operation
Cycles: Jog Ram – Upper – Lower
Jog Extended – Cycle – Retract
Hydraulic Tank Has Water Cooling Coils – NOT a Self Container System
Hydraulic Oil Filter with Pressure Gage
Parker Hydraulic System Components Made in USA
Parker Hydraulic Cylinders, Series 3HX, Model 08.00 JJ3HXLYS23A15.00
Cylinder Envelope Pressure: 3000 PSI
Futek Fatigue Rated Pancake Load Cell, Model LCF701, Capacity 200,000 Lbs.
See Futek Certificate of System Calibration Sheet Issued 7-26-2012
Custom Plexiglass Work Area Guarding: 35" Wide x 30" Deep
Multi Press Installation Maintenance and Safety Manual
Machine Electrical Schematics
75 HP Baldor Super E Motor, 1775 RPM
Wired for 3 Phase, 60 Hz, 230 / 460 Volts
Presently Wired for 440 Volt Operation
Overall Size: 50" LR x 84" FB x 132" High x 12,200 Lbs.

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