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Description & Specifications

PRICE: Loaded on Truck, Our Warehouse, York, PA …… $8,950.00

HMC Stock #18090-P
Machine Serial No.: B470N02653X
Machine Model No.: N40XMR2
New Date: 2000

Stand-Up Rider Type with Fork Reach In / Out
Rated Capacity: 3800 Lbs. @ 24" Load Center
Lift Height: 212" Maximum
Fork Side Shift Attachment
Fork Length: 36"
Battery Voltage: 24V
Amp Hours Capacity: 1395
Battery Weight: 1500 Lbs. Minimum, 2100 Lbs. Maximum
Truck Weight: 7374 Lbs. with Min. Battery, 5274 Lbs. with Max. Battery
Wheel Base Width: 51.2", Length: 56.4"
Width Between Front Wheels: 42-1/8" Inside, 51-1/2" Outside
Articulation: Drive Side 0.25" / Caster Side 0.25"
Battery ID# EO583
Fork Size: 4" Wide x 36" Long
Width Across Both Forks: 31" Maximum
Separate Manual Positioning of Each Fork Left & Right with 9-1/2" Travel Each
Overhead Protection Cage
Instrument Display Center with the Following Functions:
Message Center, Function Selection, Battery Indicator, Drive Mode Features, Hour Meter
(3) Drive Modes: Turtle, Mid, Rabbit
See Thru Style Mast
(1) Head light
(2) Fork Extensions: 5-1/4" Wide x 96" Long
Hyster OEM Operation Manuals

Hawker Battery Charger and OEM Manual
Model PTO MOD3 with Microprocessor Control
Model No. PTOM3-48C-120Y, Part No. PTOM3-48C-120Y
Serial No. 01306850, Battery Type: L-A
Max. AH: 1500/1500/1125 AH, Number of Cells: 12/18/24
Max. Modules: 3, Config Modules: 2
3 Phase, 50/60 Hz, 480 Volts Only
Config AC Amps: 9.6, Max. AC Amps: 14
Max. DC Amps: 240, DC Volts: 24/36/48
Config DC Amps: 160/160/120
With Cable and Plug for Truck Battery

Hawker Powerline Battery
Type: 012125F17
6 Hour Capacity, 1000 AH
Normal Voltage: 24
Finish Rate: 50 Amps
Specific Gravity: 1275-1285
Battery ID# PL109160707
Model: EO-583 (No Battery Cover)
Battery Weight: Unknown

Overall Size:
Truck: 51-1/2" Wide x 89" FB x 94" High x Unknown Weight
Battery Charger: 14" x 14" x 23" x Approx. 40 Lbs.
Fork Extensions: 6" x 6" x 98" Long x Unknown Lbs.

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