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PRICE: Loaded on Truck, Our Warehouse, York, PA …… $49,500.00

HMC Stock # 18290
Machine Serial No.: 450-143-83
Machine Model No.: G60T
New Date: 1983

Spindle Diameter: 6"
Spindle Taper: #50 ANS with Power Draw Bar
Spindle Travel: 36"
Spindle Speeds: 10 to 1140 RPM
Headstock Vertical Travel: 84"
Table Size: 60" x 120"
Table Cross Travel: 120"
Bed Length (Saddle): 96"
Saddle Width: 56"
Saddle Travel: 54"
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Heavy Duty Vertical Column Design with (3) Ways
G&L Numeripath CNC 800M Control
Pendant Station Operators Control
Reel to Reel Control Tape Reader
Lubricool System
Flood Type Coolant System
Hard Saddle Way Cover on Front
Manual Tool Change with Power Tool Draw Bar (draw studs not required)
Interface & Plug for Tape Punching of DPS Memory Data
Spindle Orientation to a Single Position
Chip Conveyor System
(2) In Floor Table Outriggers on Each Side of Saddle
Hardened and Ground Table Ways in Very Good Condition
Soft Vertical Column Ways in Very Good Condition
Hansen Oil Cooler Unit
40 HP Variable Speed Spindle Drive
Installed New April 2006 Bardac PLX50/123 Spindle Drive System
Bardac Spindle Drive Manuals with CD Disc and Cable
M and G Code Programming
Spindle Tapping
OEM Operation, Parts, Programming Manuals and Schematics
G&L Line and Foundation Print
Large Assortment of Assorted Spare Parts
Hansen Oil Chiller Unit, Model 4TOP1CX, Serial No. 6851-12-7, New 2011
16 Lbs. Refrigerant HFC-134a, 40,000 BTU/H
Oil in the 80 Degree F Range, 18 GPM, 90 Degree Ambient Range
Machine is Presently Wired for 3 Phase, 60 Hz, 460 Volt Operation
Height Fully Assembled: 177.31" (14.78') High

Machine Components Overall Size for Trucking:
Base: 190" (15' 8") Long x 87" Wide x 37" High x 14,600 Lbs.
Note: height can be reduced by unbolting the wire cable cover box
Column with Head Laid Over: 113" Wide x 159" Long x 65" High x 22,000 Lbs.
Note: width can only be reduced to 109" wide by trying to move the spindle back in the head
head alone (of the column) is 114" long
Saddle with Table: 97" Wide (with screw attached) x 269" (22.4') Long x 36" High x 31,000 Lbs.
(4) Floor Outriggers Packaged as One: 30" x 30" x 118" Long x ? Lbs.
Control Unit: 49" x 78" x 104" High (can be reduced to 89") x 2800 Lbs.
NumeiPath Control: 33" x 29" x 65" High x ? Lbs.
Hansen Oil Cooler: 70" x 43" x 102" High (can come apart) x ? Lbs.
Chip Conveyor: 29" x 170" Long x 60" High x ? Lbs,
Skids of Assorted Pieces and Parts

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