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Description & Specifications

PRICE: Loaded on Truck, Our Warehouse, York, PA …… $11,500.00

HMC Stock #19017-P
Machine Serial No.: 4898A0186-0014
Machine Model No.: MT
New Date: 1986
Made in the USA

Swing Over Main Slide: 12"
Maximum Length Between Spindle Nose & Tail Center: 6"
Maximum Wheel Diameter (Approx. 6000 FPM): 3-1/2"
Maximum Collet Work Diameter: 1-1/4"
Minimum Collet Work Diameter: 1/8"
Minimum Lead Generated by Spiral Lead Mechanism: 1-13/16"
Longitudinal Movement of Main Slide: 5-3/4"
Offset Slide Movement (Either Side of Center): 2-1/4"
Vertical Slide Travel of Wheelhead Above Center: 4-1/4"
Vertical Slide Travel of Wheelhead Below Center: 4-1/2"
Traverse Slide Travel of Wheelhead: 7-1/2"
Longitudinal Slide Travel of Wheelhead: 6"
Angular Range of Workhead:
Horiz. Plane (Workhead Swivel Base): 235 Deg.
Vert. Plane (Workhead Angular Adjust.) Above & Below Center Position: 40 Deg.
3 Grinding Wheel Spindle Speeds: 4000, 5729, 8000 RPM (Via V Belt Pulley)
Workhead Spindle: 287 RPM

Motorized Workhead
Assorted Workhead Belts
Bijur One Shot Lubrication System
(3) Workhead Index Plates
(3) Assorted Spring Collet Holders
(1) Cartridge Type Grinding Spindle
(2) Assorted Wheel Guards
(1) Grinding Spindle Extension
(1) Rotary Workhead Stop
(2) Adjustable Slide Stops for Workhead and Grinding Wheel Head
(1) Work Center Gage
(1) Adjustable Tail Center Support
Assorted Work Rest Fingers
(9) Assorted Wheel Mounting Hubs
(1) Diamond Wheel Dresser Fixture (No Diamond)
Large Assortment of Large and Small Spring Collets
1/4 HP, 1725 RPM Workhead Motor
? HP Grinding Motor
Wired for 3 Phase, 60 Hz, 230/460 Volts, Presently Wired for 460 Volts

Overall Dimensions: 43" L-R x 39" F-B x 60" High x 1,600 Lbs. on Skid

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