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Description & Specifications

PRICE: Loaded on Truck, Our Warehouse, York, PA …$24,500.00

HMC Stock #19059-P
Machine Serial No.: 133512
Machine Model No.: 8-70T
New Date: 2012

Rated Capacity: 70 Ton
Bed Length: 96-1/2"
Ram Length: 96-1/2"
Distance Between Housing: 78-1/2"
3-Axis X-Y-Z Manually Adjustable Back Gauge: 24" Travel
Back Gauge Bar Length: 58-1/2" with 2-Axis Adjustment
Ram Machined Die Slot: 1/2" Wide x 3/4" Deep
Bed Machined Die Slot: 3/4" x 3/4"
(2) Sliding Adjustable 24" Front Material Support Arms
Ram Return Speed: 63 IPM
Ram Rapid Approach Speed: 44 IPM
Floor to Bed Height: 28"
Centerline of Bed to Frame: 8-1/2"
Maximum Open Height (without dies): 14"
Maximum Closed Height (without dies): 6"
Bed with Front to Back: 2"
Width of Upper Machined Ram: 1-3/4"
Handwheel Ram Depth Control Adjustment to 0.001"

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Hydraulic Pressing Speed of Ram: 0 to 44 IPM Variable
2-Speed Electric Ram Speed Shifting
2-Speed Ram Advance
3-Position Fully Guarded Foot Pedal Switch
Adjustable Ram Depth Stops for Up and Down with Position Indicator
Hour Meter Showing: 00221.7 Hours (may not be accurate)
Ram Tilt Micrometer Adjustment
Tonnage Gauge
Ram Dwell Adjustment Timer
(2) 24" Long Adjustable Front Work Support Arms
Flush Floor Design
Inch/Metric Digital Back Gauge Control with Function/Dwell/Position Controls
Operator Manual with Parts Catalog
(1) 2" Wide x 2" High Lower Die Holder Rail
(1) 72" Long x 3/4" Female V Bottom Die
3/4" Wide V Ram Punches: (2) 10" Long, (2) 12" Long, (1) 5-3/4" Long, (1) 8" Long
10 HP hydraulic Motor
Wired for 3 Phase, 60 Hz, 208/230/460 Volts, 28/14 Amps
American Made All Steel Construction and Components
Approximate New Price $40,350.00 +

Overall Size: 116" LR x 76" FB (without supports) x 91" High
Weight: 11,000 Lbs.

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