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PRICE: Loaded on Truck, Our Warehouse, York, PA …… $39,500.00

HMC Stock # 19096-P
Machine Serial No.: 1610031
Machine Model No.: 300A MKI
New Date 2003

This Machine does Plasma Transferred Arc Welding process designed for general purpose, multi-faceted, hard face production welding.

Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) welding is a mechanized process that applies a fully fused metal deposit. The process uses a constricted arc and powdered filler metal. Figure 1-1 illustrates, schematically, a typical PTA torch. In a typical PTA Torch, metal powder is carried from a powder feeder to the torch in an argon, or special gas stream. Once in the torch, the powder is directed into the arc flame where it is melted and fusion bonded to the work piece. Energy for the transferred arc is provided by a direct current (DC) power source connected between the tungsten electrode and the work piece. A second DC power source connected between the tungsten electrode and the outer wall of the torch provides a pilot arc that initiates the transferred arc and provides supplemental heat. Argon passes through a gas diffuser, providing a blanket of shielding gas in and around the arc zone. An overlay produced by the PTA process has similar metallurgical characteristics to the overlay produced by the gas shielded arc process or by submerged arc welding. Deposits are homogeneous and fusion bonded to the work piece. The heat distribution provided by the constricted arc, coupled with the powder's buffering action, produces overlays with dilution levels approaching those obtained with oxy-acetylene surfacing. (Dilution, usually expressed as a percentage, is the degree of mixture between the deposit and the base metal.) PTA deposition rates exceed those obtained with the gas tungsten arc (GTA) process while maintaining less than 10% dilution. Fused deposits as thin as 0.030" (0.75 mm) or as thick as .187". (4.7 mm) can be obtained in a single pass. The PTA process produces smooth deposits of controlled thickness resulting in reduced material and finishing costs.

Dual Type Power Supply Requiring 480 Volts, 3 Phase, 48 Amps
Pilot Arc Output: 10 - 100 Amps Variable
Continuous Pilot Arc Output: 100% Duty Cycle @ 40° C
Transfer/Main Arc Output: 15 - 300 Amps
Transferred Arc: 100% Duty Cycle at @ 40° C

Water Chiller Unit is a closed loop, constant temperature, water refrigeration system. It is located in the power supply console.
Cooling Capacity (Based on water at 85 °F): 15,000 BTUs, Temperature Stability: +/- 2°F
Coolant Reservoir Capacity: 15 Gallon (Use Distilled or De-ionized Water Only.)

The Powder Feeder (KK-2) is typically located on the top left side of the cross feed beam carriage. The powder feed rate is infinitely variable and adjusted from the control pendant. Carrier gas flow control is located on the front of the console. The powder feeder is fitted with a low powder sensor. The sensor activates a warning indicator on the control pendant.
Capacity: 18 kg (40#)
Feed Rate: 10 - 80 grams per minute
Powder Gas Flow Rate: 1 - 3 scfh

Torch Specifications:
Current Capacity: 20 - 250 amp
Pilot Current: 30
Deposition Rate: 1 - 80 grams/min
Tungsten Electrode: 1/8" - 3/16"
Plasma Nozzle: 1/8" - 3/16"
Cooling Requirements: 0.6 - 1.1 gpm

Carriage Manipulator:
The 2-axis programmable motion of the optional Carriage Manipulator and Table allow the operator to hardface a wide range of parts including cylindrical parts such as shafts. The carriage manipulator is used to position the torch, powder feeder and oscillator on the beam assembly. The unit has a speed range of .01 - 10 inches per minute.

2-Axis Starweld Welding System
Welding Modes: Spiral, Step Over, Linear, Rotary Oscillation, Step Over
Model 600 Torch Assembly
KK-2 Powder Feeder Assembly

Koike Aronson Welding Positioner, 2,500 Lb. Capacity, Serial #40371, Model 25P
32" Diameter Table with Power Tilt and Rotation and Manual Elevation Adjustment
40-1/2 "Floor to Centerline of Positioner Table When in the Vertical Position
Pendant Control of Welding Positioner for E Stop and Tilt Only, Variable Rotation Speed
Controlled via Stellite System
Positioner Table Tilts 0 to 140 Degrees, Rotates 360 Degrees
OEM Operation Manuals, Drawings, Schematics, etc.
Torch Gases Required But NOT Supplied
Water Chiller Unit Required But NOT Supplied

Overall Size of Components:
Stellite Control: 36" LR x 60" FB x 68" High x ? Lbs.
Rail with Torch Unit: 96" LR x 87" FB x 48" High x ? Lbs.
Welding Positioner: 51" LR x 62" FB x 62" High x ? Lbs.
Operators Console: 27" LR x 27" FB x 58" High x ? Lbs.
(2) Rail Posts: 16" LR x 20" FB x 68" High x ? Lbs.

Stellite Torch, Model 600:
Electrical Drawing 1:
Electrical Drawing 2:

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