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PRICE: Loaded on Truck, Our Warehouse, York, PA …… $5,950.00

HMC Stock # 19180
Machine Serial No.: 80150001057
Machine Model No.: 82000699 (T100M8-86-4/33MR)
New Date: February 2015

Load Maximum: 10' Length x 6' Wide
Rated Load Capacity: 675 Lbs. (With Proper Pads)
Main Beam Length: 87"
Cross Arm Length: 44"
Rated Arm Load: 169 Lbs. Per Cross Arm
Current Load Rating with Existing Pads: 500 Lbs.
ASME BTH-1, Design Category: B, Service Class 4

Power Rotation and Tilt of the Arm Unit
Manual Rotation Clamp
(4) Adjustable Cross Arms
Each Cross Arm Has (2) Adjustable Position Vacuum Pads
Current Vacuum Pad Type: Anver No. SSR96, (9-3/4" Diameter)
Push Button Hand Control for Attach/Release
Air Vacuum System with (2) Filter Bowls
VLS-08 Vacuum Leakage Sensor System
Digital Vacuum Display
Tilting Unit Model No. YY94/76 2-A
Tilt Arm Motor: 1/2 HP, Single Phase, 60 Hz, 115 Volts
Generator No. 7100082 (VPF-07UP)
Single Lifting Eye on Top of Unit
Unit is in Good Condition
Last Inspected: 7-12-19
Wired for Single Phase, 60 Hz, 120 Volts, 13 Amps

Overall Size: 88" LR x 44" FB x 51" High x 425 Lbs.

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