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PRICE: Loaded on Truck, Our Warehouse, York, PA …… $59,500.00

HMC Stock # 20034
Machine Serial No.: A941
Machine Model No.: 1500OBS
New Date: 1991

April 2022, the main hydraulic cylinder was re-cromed, reground and new seals installed. Then fully reassembled and test run.

Rated Capacity: UP to 150 Tons
Bed Size: 49-1/2" LR x 27-5/8" FB
Ram Size: 37-1/4" LR x 24" FB
Ram Bolster Size: 34" LR x 24" FB x 4-1/4" Thick with 5 T Slots and 3" Dia. Hole
Bed Bolster Size: 50" LR x 30" FB x 4-1/2" Thick with Assorted T Slots
Opening in Bed For Lower Ram: 22" LR x 17" FB
Surface Face of Lower Ram: 20" LR x 15" FB
Distance Thru Vertical Frames at Bed Height: 31"
Distance Floor To Bed: 31"
Ram Stroke: 12"
Daylight: 20"
May 2022,The main hydraulic cylinder was completely rebuilt

Hydraulic Cushion Under the Bed
(2) Ram Bolster Plates and (1) Bed Bolster Plate
Ram and Bd Bolster Plates are Bolted in Place and are Removeable
Tonnage Control Settings with Control Valve Indicator
Flush Floor Design
Ram Stroke Adjustment Knobs with Position Indicators For Each Ram
Self Contained Hydraulic System with Radiator Type Oil Cooler Unit
Dual Operation Palm Buttons on Moveable Stand
Rockford Safety Digital Controls #SSC-150, sn. 1822-030, model ENG000185
Light Safety Curtains with Custom Work Area Guarding
Trabon Force Central Lubrication System with Auto Timer
Compressed Air Surge Tank
Independent Adjustable Tonnage Controls for Each Ram
Operational Control Features:
Front Light Curtain: On - Off
Rear Light Curtain: On - Off
Modes: Inch – Single – Continuous
Actuating Means: Hand or Foot Pedal (no foot pedal suppled)
Knockout: Auto or Manual
Speed Change: RA - NP
Return Press/Dist: Press – Dist
Return Speed: Fast or Slow
Program: On - Off
Light Curtain and Stroke Limits Warning Lights
Digital Keypad and Screen
1/2 HP Oil Pump Motor for Oil Cooler
1/2 HP Fan Motor on Oil Cooler
30 HP Main Hydrauli Motor
Wired For 3 Phase 60 Hz 230 / 460 Volts
Presently Wire for 440 Volt Operation
Overall Size: 67" LR x 99" FB x 148" Tall Fully Assembled x 35,000 Lbs.
Height of machine with oil cooler unit removed 133"

SEE OEM Outline Drawing at :

Note: control arm should be removed for shipping
The main hydraulic tank between the machine frames is not secured to the machine. Pacific strongly recommends the machine not be laid over for shipping unless something is done to properly secure the tank before laying over.

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