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Description & Specifications

PRICE: Loaded on Truck, Our Warehouse, York, PA …… $39,500.00 AS IS

HMC Stock # 20068-P
Machine Serial No.: 841/01
Machine Model No.: 700 NE
New Date: 2000

June 2020 the machine was taken in on trade from a New England machine tool manufacturer. It was taken from service. See video of machine taken 4-13-23 appears to be fully operational.
See Youtube video:

The machine is currently configured for creep feed slotting. It has a horizontal Lehmann Type EA-407.4A rotary table and tailstock that has its own positioning control (presently not operational). The machine also has a Fiege Type AGE 050-1 roll dresser mounted on the left side of the table.

Straight Plunge Grinder with Vertical Feed Motion of the Grinding Wheel
Grinding by Oscillating or Creep Feed Motion of Table
Dressing and Profile of the Grinding Wheel with Continuous Path Control
Automatic Grinding and Dressing Cycles

Clamping Surface of Table: 39" x 9.8"
Grinding Surface with 2" Wide Wheel: 27.5" x 12.5"
X-Axis Travel, Longitudinal: 27.5"
Y-Axis Travel, Cross: 10.6"
Z-Axis Travel, Vertical: 19.6"
Spindle Motor: 16.5 KW / 22 HP
Variable Speed Spindle
Grinding Wheel Size: 16" x 2" x 5"

Brand System NE Control with Grinding Programs for:
Surface Grinding Continuous
Surface Grinding with Plunge-Cut
Surface Grinding with Incremental Plunge-Cut
Full Grind
Prepare Wheel Change
Measuring Cycle

Lehmann Type EA-407.4A Programmable Rotary Table & Tailstock and Modula NC 3000 Control (not operational)
Heinze Fiege Type Age 050-1 Diamond Roll Dresser
Gravity Bed Coolant Filter Uses Paper Media (not supplied)
Electrical Transformer
(3) OEM Manuals, Operation, Maintenance, Parts
(2) Wheel Mounting Hubs with Balance Adjustment
(1) Pulse Generator for the Machine Control
(1) Pulse Generator / Controller for the Lehmann System
(1) Wheel Removal Puller Tool
Central Lubrication System
Presently Wired for 3 Phase 60 Hz 480 Volt Operation
Approximate Operational Floor Space: 160" LR x 120" FB x 96" High

Overall Size For Trucking:
Machine: 119" Long (with control pendant at end) x 76" FB x 95" High (on 4" blocks) x 15,000 Lbs.
Coolant System: 45" x 69" x 40 : High x ? Lbs.
Electrical Transformer: 16" x 22: x 30" High x ? Lbs.
Electrical Cabinet: 48" x 22" x 87" High x ? Lbs.

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