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Description & Specifications

PRICE: Loaded on Truck, Our Warehouse, York, PA …… $450.00 As Is

HMC Stock # 20206
Machine Serial No.: 1-0315
Machine Model No.: 33-157-99
New Date: 1999

Rated Capacity: 3,300 Lbs.
Stroke Length: 2.3" Adjustable
Bed Size: 4" FB x 7" LR
Distance Bed to Ram Nose: Approx. 12" Maximum
Air Actuated Operation
Dual Finger Button Trip Controls, Requires Single Phase, 110 Volts
Ram Head is Adjustable Vertically
Compressed Air Required for Operation
Made in Germany

Overall Size: 8" LR x 15" FB x 36" High x ? Lbs.

The press control on this press is not functional. The exact problem is unknown. Press appears to be in good physical condition.

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