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Description & Specifications

PRICE: Loaded on Truck, Our Warehouse, York, PA …… $24,500.00

HMC Stock # 21003-P
Machine Serial No.: 2B340
Machine Model No.: VH3
New Date: 1998 Made in Taiwan

Working Surface: 51-3/16″ L x 11-13/16″ W
Travel (Longitudinal x Cross x Vertical):
37-3/8″ x 14-13/16″ x 18-1/2″
T-Slot (Nominal Size x No. x Pitch): 5/8″ x 3″ x 2-3/4″
Feeds, Vertical (12 Steps): 1/4 to 12-7/16 IPM
Feeds, Longitudinal (12 Steps): 1/2 to 24-7/8 IPM
Rapid Traverse, Vertical: 59-13/16 IPM
Rapid Traverse, Longitudinal & Cross: 116-1/2 IPM

Vertical Spindle:
Spindle Taper: NST # 40
Spindle Speed: 120 to 3,600 RPM (Variable)
Distance from Spindle End Table: 5-1/8″ to 23-5/8″
Distance from Spindle to Column: 3-7/8″ to 24-1/8″
Quill Feeds: 0.0019″, 0.0038″, 0.0076″/rev.
Quill Travel: 5-1/8″
Swivel Angle of Head: 45º (Left and Right)
Cross Travel of Arm: 20 1/16″
Horizontal Rotation of Over Arm: 360º

Horizontal Spindle:
Spindle Taper: NST # 50
Spindle Speeds (12 Steps): 35 to 1,382 RPM
Distance from Center of Spindle to Over Arm: 7-1/8″
Distance from Center of Spindle to Table: 7/8″ to 19-3/8″
Inch Graduated Axis Dials
Knee Crank Handle
Lever Type Quill Handle
The Vertical Head Spindle Control for Forward, Reverse and Tapping Operations
Saddle is Hardened and Ground Box Ways
One Motor to Drive the Feed and Rapid Traverse of the Table, Saddle and Knee
Climb Milling Compensator for Table
The Adjustable Automatic Lube System for Saddle, Table, Knee and Column
Coolant System Built into Base of Machine
Electro-Magnetic Spindle Braking
Removeable Chip Pan
Power Draw Bar for Vertical Spindle Only
Acu-Rite 3 Axis Digital Readout System
Table Saddle, Knee: 0.0005" Resolution

Coolant Pump: 1/8 HP
Vertical Spindle: 5 HP
Horizontal Spindle: 7.5 HP
Table Feed and Rapid Traverse: 3 HP
Wired for 3 Phase, 60 Hz, 220 / 380 / 440 Volt Operation
Presently Wired for 440 Volts

Overall Size:
Machine: 69" LR x 72" FB x 106" High (on 3-3/4" blocks) x 5,900 Lbs.

Current New Retail Price $48,000.00 +/-

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