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PRICE: Loaded on Truck, Our Warehouse, York, PA …… $2,500.00

HMC Stock No. 21022
Machine Serial No. 6681-10-9
Machine Model No. 3SDT1P1CX
New Date: 2009 / Appears UNUSED

The Hansen Model 3SDT1P1CS / Serial No. 6681-10-9 Industrial Chiller, as originally built in 2009 was configured to circulate an ISO-32 Hydrostatic Oil from a customer provided reservoir, through the evaporator on the chiller and return to customer provided reservoir while maintaining the temperature of the reservoir within the range of the plant ambient air temperature. A digital ambient tracker temperature controller was provided as part of the chiller's control package. Refer to the attached Hansen #203-0221 Electrical Control Schematic on the next page for complete chiller operating logic. Not For Chilling Coolant or Water.

Primary Voltage: 460V/3Ph/60Hz
Control Voltage: 120V/1Ph/60Hz
Refrigerant: HFC-134a
Full Load Amps: 13.48A @ 460V
Condenser Type: Air Cooled
Compressor Type: Hermetic Reciprocating
Circulation Pump Type: Positive Displacement Gear Pump
Electrical Control Logic: Hansen #203-0221
Oil Circuiting Logic: Hansen #700-1556
Capacity: 30,000 BTU/H
Fluid to be Cooled: Hydrostatic Oil (ISO-32) Filtered to 10 Micron Level
Oil Flow Rate: 9 GPM via Self-Contained Chiller Circulation Pump
Oil Pressure: 50 PSI Range
Thermostat: Self-Contained Digital Ambient Tracking
Ambient Temperature Range: 70 to 90 Degrees F
Oil Control Temperature Range: 70 to 90 Degrees F
Compressor Crank Case Heater
½ HP Pump Motor
5 HP Compressor Motor
½ HP Fan Motor

Overall Size on Skid: 75" Long x 39" Wide x 72" High
Overall Size Off he Skid: 56" Long x 27-1/2" Wide x 56" High

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