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Fein GIR Industrial Radius Grinding Module For GI 150
PRICE: Loaded on Truck, Our Warehouse, York, PA ………… $1,950.00

HMC Stock # 22179
Machine Serial No.: None
Machine Model No.: Notching Module
New Date: Unknown

The Fein GIR notching module system is the perfect way to expand the potential of your Grit GI 150 belt grinder. Easy to attach and use this notching module is perfect for heavy industrial use every day.

Exact-fit grinding of pipe up to 6 in (150 mm) max. dia.
Less burring and heat discoloration when processing stainless steel (with Slugger GI 150 2H at the lower speed)

Belt Width: 6"
(3) Assorted Size 7" Wide Rollers
Head Swivels 30 Degrees Each Way From 90 Degrees
Hand Operated

Accurate and fast: The Slugger GIR radius grinding module is perfectly matched to industrial use. The high cutting performance guarantees efficient work – and with a belt width of 6 in (150 mm), it is ideal for larger diameter workpieces.

Radius grinding module for exact-fit grinding of pipe, profiles and flat materials in production work, even with extra-wide sections

Tube Diameters: 3/4 – 6 in (20 – 150 mm)
Max. Dimensions of Profile/Flat Material: 4.5 – 6 in (120 × 150 mm
Belt Dimensions: 6 × 88-9/16 / 6 × 94 in (150 × 2,250 / 150 × 2,400 mm) with Contact Rollers over
6 in (150 mm) Dia. and Mitre Grinding Plate
New List Price is Over $3,400.00

Overall Size on Skid: 33" x 34" x 52" High x 250 Lbs.

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