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Description & Specifications

PRICE: Loaded on Truck, Our Warehouse, York, PA … $1,500.00 AS IS

HMC Stock # 23116
Machine Serial No.: 20514
Machine Model No.: DRF-412-RH / 74123
New Date: Unknown

The CRT screen for the control is barely visible but other functionality of the machine is working.

Standard Specifications:
Maximum Coil Width: 12"
Maximum Coil Thickness at Full Width: 1/4" Mild Steel
(4) 4" Diameter Feed Rolls, (2) Upper (2) Lower
Air Operated Upper Servo Feed Roll Lift
Cabinet Base Mounted
Hand Crank Entry Stock Width Edge Guides
Remote Pendant Control For Jog Forward And Reverse
Feed Roll Speed: 1" Per Second Minimum to 78" Per Second
Feed Length: ½" Minimum to 999.000 Inch Maximum

Control Panel Features:
Motor: On - Off
Press: Too Fast
Out of Stock
Single Feed
Feed Roll Open
Jog: Speed Fast – Slow
Pilot: Pin On – Off
Feed: Single – Continuous
Feed Roll: Open – Closed
Jog Forward – Jog Reverse
Electrical Schematics
Wired For 3 Phase 60 Hz 240 / 480 Volts
Presently Test Run on 220 Volts
Has a 6 KVA Multi Tap Transformer 480 Delta to 240 Delta
Overall Size: 62" LR x 65" FB x 70" High x ??? Lbs.

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