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Description & Specifications

PRICE: Loaded on Truck, Our Warehouse, York, PA … $129,500.00

HMC Stock # 23138-P
Machine Serial No.: JF7815
Machine Model No.: SV-3116
New Date: December 2018

The original application of the system was service (2) Gehring Hones for cast iron engine blocks. Coolant used was straight OIL.

Total Available Flow to Machines: 212 GPM
Total Filtration Rate: 242 GPM


Primary Filter: Model SV8-166 Vacuum Filter
Type: Disposable Roll Media Vacuum Filter
Filter Area: 166 Sq/Ft
Overall Filter Footprint: 15' Wide x 38' 7" Long
Filter Tank: 7' 10" Inside Width x 3' 6" Side Height, 5060 Gallons
Index Tank Capacity: 785 Gallons for 3.25 Minutes
Media Roll: 93" x 250'

Barnes Magnetic Coolant Pre-Separator
Dirty oil will be passed over the separator and a good portion of the ferrous particulate will be separated prior to the coolant entering the filter tank.

Grundfos CR64 Series Filter Pump
20 HP Motor, 3450 RPM
Wired for 3 Phase, 60 Hz, 460 Volts

Liquid Level Monitoring
Efector Level Tank Level Probe in Tank to Monitor Coolant Levels. (high/makeup/low)

Secondary Bag Filter System:
Duplex Bag Filter System: (1) Operating & (1) on Standby
Each Vessel with (8) Pleated Elements
Each Element is 25 Sq/Ft Area x 8 Elements Equals 200 Sq/Ft at 1.06 GPM/Sq Ft

Temperature Control System:
Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger Rated at 180,000 BTU/Hr (15 Tons)
Temperature Control: 75°F Using 50°F Plant Chilled Water

Electrical Controls:
Hoffman NEMA 12 Main Enclosure
24 VDC Control Circuit
Red-Yellow-Green Light and Alarm Monitor
Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200 PLC
Siemens TP600 Touch Screen
Hirshman Ethernet Switch

Overall Size For Trucking:
Main Unit with some parts removed: 39' (466") Long x 135" (11' 3") Wide x 11' (132") High x 36,200 Lbs.

Removed Items:
(1) Skid with Top Reservoir and piping: 49" x 48" x 31" High x 480 Lbs.
Rosedale Filter tank system 126" Long x 40" x 74" High x 2080 Lbs.
Pan with (2) Pumps: 103" Long x 32" Wide x 55" High x 2015 Lbs..

Note: Barnes International is Available for "Factory Rebuilt Services" to Tweak the Filter for Your Specific Application.

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