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30" x 120" ELB SCHLIFF CNC SURFACE GRINDER PRICE: Loaded on Truck, Our Warehouse, York, PA …… $69,500.00 HMC Stock # 20229-P Machine Serial No.: 17.928.1182 Machine Model No.: SWDE30H-NC New Date: 1982 / Upgraded 2001 We have the rear splash guards and motor guard that are not in the pictures Column Type Design Rated Grinding Range: 30" x 120" Work Area: 29-1/2" x 138" Grinding Wheel Size: 24" Dia. X Up to 6" Wide x 12" Bore Programmable Grinding Wheel Speeds: 100 to 1200 RPM X Axis is Table Left & Right Y Axis is Head Up & Down on Column Z Axis is Head on Column In and Out EQUIPPED WITH: Fanuc 18i-M CNC 3 Axis Control New 2001, X - Y – Z Upgrade work Done By GE Industrial Systems 25 Pin RS232 Comm Port Can Do Creep Feed Grinding Control Macros for Various Grinding Cycles Cross Feed Incremental Grinding (3) 24" x 40" OS Walker Electro Magnetic Chucks (1) OS Walker Variable Power Control for All Chucks, Year 2000 O.S. Walker Chuck Controller Mounted to Main Electrical Panel Sn. 101, Model Smart -150E, 230 Volts DC 65 Amps, Input 460 Volts, 60 Hz, Single Phase, 40 Amps GE Variable Speed Model DV-300 Spindle Controller Over The Wheel Motorized Wheel Dresser Worm Gear to Rack Pinon Table Drive System X Axis CNC Controlled (3) Grinding Wheel Hubs for Widths Up To 6" Wide x 24" Dia. x 12" Bore with Adjustable Balance Weights Central Automatic Lubrication System for All Ways Grinding Spindle Rebuilt Mid 2017 by SKF Spindle Chiller Unit Hand Pulse Generator with 0.001", 0.010", 0.0001" Increments for Each Axis Way Covers for Each Axis Ways for Each Axis are in Excellent Condition Built In Over the Wheel Motorized Wheel Dresser with Diamond Rate Overrides for Spindle, Feeds and Travels (1) 75 KVA GE Drive Isolation Transformer, Multi Tap 482, 460, 438 Volts Primary: 3 Phase 60 Hz 480 Volts Secondary: 230 / 133 Volts Paper Filter Coolant System with Coolant Cooler Floor Mounted Table Drive Servo Motor with Guarding Coolant System Tank Capacity: 45" x 100" x 14" Deep Approx. 270 Gallon OEM Manual and Foundation Print and Original Operation Manual Electrical Schematics for Upgrade System 20 – 48 KW (26.8 – 64.4 HP) Variable Speed DC Spindle Motor Wired for 200 / 440 Volts 120 Amps Overall Sizes of Machine Components: Grinding Head and Way Assembly: 17,100 Lbs. Bed Assembly with Control Console: 66" FB (w/o servo motor) x 364" (30.3') Long x 71" High x 22,250 Lbs. Oil Cooler Unit: 29" x 27" x 49" High x ? Lbs. Lubrication Tank & Pump: 40" x 29" x 27" High x ? Lbs. Coolant Pump and Filter System: 61" x 106" x 45" High x ? Lbs. Electrical Control Panel with Chuck Control: 76" x 26" x 81" High x ? Lbs. Electrical Transformer: 32" LR x 23" FB x 36" High x 505 Lbs. Machine Fully Assembled is 339" (28.25') LR x 197" FB x 165" High (to floor, not on blocks)


Stock Number20229
Size30" X 120"