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JUNG CNC SURFACE AND CONTOUR GRINDING MACHINE PRICE: Loaded on Truck, Our Warehouse, York, PA ……… $25,000.00 AS IS HMC Stock # 21240-P Machine Serial No.: 1367 Machine Model No.: J 630-D New Date: 2002 Machine Issues: April 11, 2023 Worked on by United Grinding service tech. Issues: MPG not working, OEM CRT, not working but external monitor can be used, main power supply not dependable, 2 circuit cards have been modified and should be replaced. Throws errors on boot up. WORKING AREA: Table Working Surface: 23.622" Long x 9.842" Wide Grinding Surface (Including 25 mm Wheel Width): 23.622" x 12.007" Size of Magnetic Chuck: 24" x 12" Maximum Distance Between Top Edge of Table and Spindle Center (Y): 19.291" Maximum Table Load (Including Magnetic Chuck): 260 Lbs. GRINDING WHEEL: Grinding Wheel Size: 11.811" Dia. x 1.181" Wide Bore Hole: 3.000" Radial Wear: 1.772" GRINDING SPINDLE: Input Power: 13.410 HP Maximum Cutting Speed: 115' Per Sec. Mounting Taper: 1:10 MACHINE AXES: X-AXIS (Horizontal Motion, Longitudinal) Traversing Speed, Reciprocal Grinding: 39.370 to 944.881 IPM (Hydraulic, Steplessly Adjustable) Traversing Speed, Deep Creepfeed Grinding: 0.197 to 39.370 IPM (With AC Servo Motor) Traverse Path Between Limit Switches: 24.803" Effective Reciprocating Stroke: 24.803" Y-AXIS (Vertical Motion) Traversing Speed: 0.004 to 78.740 IPM Traverse Path Between Limit Switches: 14.083" Axis Resolution/Input Resolution: See Description of Controls Z-AXIS (Horizontal Motion, Cross) Traversing Speed: 0.004 to 78.740 IPM Traverse Path Between Limit Switches: 10.945" Axis Resolution/Input Resolution: See Description of Controls MACHINE CONTROL: Siemens 840D Control: Control Panel with 10.4" TFT Flat Screen, Color Digital Drive Technique for the Machine Axes, Basic Equipment 3-Axes + 1 Grinding Spindle (Further Axes Can be Integrated) Program Management Automatic, Electric Brake for Grinding Spindle Drive 4-Quadrant DC Drive, Variable Speed 800 to 4200 RPM (Prepared for Modem-Connection for Online Diagnostics) CONTROL FEATURES: Control in Accordance with Type Designation Reciprocal Surface Grinding, 1 Surface Continuous Feed Grinding Infeed on One or Both Sides Reciprocal Surface Grinding, 1 Surface Intermittent Feed on One or Both Sides Grinding Infeed on One or Both Sides Reciprocal Plunge Grinding, 1 Groove Grinding Infeed on One or Both Sides Cylindrical Peripheral Dressing from Table Automatically Compensation of Dressing Dimension Tool Management Consisting of 1 Grinding Wheel and 1 Dressing Set Menu-Guided Technology Programming Infeed Values, Feed Rates, Allowances, Gauge Blocks, Peripheral Speeds, Sparking-Out Strokes, Dressing Cycles and Intervals Modification of Technology During Machining Input/Output of Programs Via V24/RS232C Programming During Machining   Linear Scales for Vertical and Traverse Axes Jung Remote Control Panel with Electronic Handwheel, Readout of Actual Position and Control Elements for All Manual Functions Grinding Spindle Drive DC Motor, 13.410 HP Output Vertical and Transverse Axes with Servo Motor and Ball Screw in Closed Position Control Loop Automatic Central Lubrication Unit for Screws and Column Table and Cross Slide Guides 1 Grinding Wheel Flange INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: A-PA31K Automatic Profile Dressing Tool with 4 Diamond-Changing Devises Comprising of: Dressing Tool with Turret Head for 4 Single Diamonds Dressing Arm Integrated in Cover Setting Device with Dial Gauge (0.001 mm) for Aligning Dressing Diamonds 4 Diamond Holders for Dressing Diamonds (Shank Diameter .364") TECHNICAL DATA: Dressing Range: 1.968" Profile Width: .590"/.787" Profile Depth, Inside/Outside: +/- 0.0025" Traverse Paths: W-Axis: 1.968" U-Axis: 2.362" E-Axis: +/- 45 Degrees Maximum Dressing Speed: 39.370 IPM Hydraulic Fluid Chiller for: High Ambient Temperatures Short Stroke Use with Creepfeed Transverse Positioning Coolant Purification System with Flushing Valve for Deep Grinding Comprising of Coolant Tank with Band Filter System, Filter Paper, Coolant Pipes, Coolant Outlet and Rubber Splash Protection. Addition of NS-KA450 is possible. Dimensions: 85.433" Long x 32.283" Wide x 31.496" High Height or Inlet: 22.244" Filter Capacity: 39.63 GPM Tank Capacity: 118.88 GPM Filter Paper Width: 27.952" Delivery Rates: Creep Feed Pump: 18.49 GPM at 3.5 Bar Discharge Flow Rate at Nozzle: 26.42 GPM Grinding/Dressing Pump: 18.49 GPM at 0.2 Bar Discharge Flow Rate at Nozzle: 6.6 GPM Isolating Transformer for Connected Electrical Loads Other than 400 V / 50 Hz or 400 V / 60 Hz Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck Manufactured by Jung with Continuous Cross-Pole Graduation and Longitudinal Stop Bar Magnetic Potential: 210 V Supply Voltage: 400 V Clamping Surface: 23.622" x 9.842" Full Enclosure of Working Area. Z-Axis Travel is Reduced by .393". Documentation, Including: Operating Instructions Electrical Wiring Diagram SPS Program Print List of Electrical Parts List of Spare Parts and Parts for Wear and Tear   Deep Grinding with AC Control (Creepfeed Grinding) Including Automatic Adjustments of the Cutting Power During Creepfeed Grinding for Optimizing the Grinding Process. The Table Feed Rate is Adjusted According to the Cutting Performance. The Feed Rate is Steplessly Adjustable. Creepfeed Programs for Up and Down Grinding with Integrated Operator Guidance. Grinding Mist Collector, Comprising of: Air Filter, Type SNA20 Surface Area 20 m3/Min Motor Output 0.75 KW, 1.8 A Voltage 400 V, 3 Ph, 50 Hz Percentage Purity 99.9% By Use of CNC Machines Switchable by Program. Complete Set HSK: 1 Spindle, 1 Flange, 1 Clamping Device. Z-Zero Clamping System Based on Hollow Shank Taper, Clamp for Grinding Wheels, Ultra-Precise Positioning in the Z and Y Directions When the Grinding Wheel is Changed. Grinding Wheel Flange HSK40. Z-Zero Clamping System Based on Hollow Shank Taper, Clamp for Grinding Wheels, Ultra-Precise Positioning in the Z and Y Directions When the Grinding Wheel is Changed. Network Connection for Control Siemens 840 D, Consisting of Hardware Adapter for Control, Network Card and System Software. Vector CAD Module for Individual Input of Geometries (Qualification G-SG32) with Functions Consisting of Input of Geometries, Manipulation of Geometries (Rotate, Reflect, etc.) and Linking to GRIPS 32. Warm-Up / Run-Off Program with Time Switch Function for Starting Up and Shutting Down the Machine Automatically. Start Function: Spindle On, Coolant On X-Axis Reciprocates, Z-Axis Reciprocates Run-Off Function: Spindle Runs for Defined Time Period Programmable: Date and Time (Date Selectable On / Off) Tool Management for 100 Grinding Wheels Enlargement and 3 Dressing Diamond Sets. G-Batch Programming. Automatic Traverse Positioning with 999 Uniformly Spaced Divisions, Each with the Same Depth and 40 Irregularly Spaced Divisions with Different Depths. Automatic Reciprocal Face Grinding with Selectable Wheel Edges (Left or Right). Grinding Program or CNC Path Grinding in the Transverse Direction (Z/Y). Grinding Program for CNC Path Grinding in the Longitudinal Direction (X/Y). Continuous Dressing of the Grinding Wheel During the Machining Process, Both for Creepfeed Grinding and for Reciprocating During Roughing. Continuous Feed (Y-Axis) / Plunge Grinding with Stationary Table (X-Axis). ELECTRICAL DATA: Operating Voltage: 400 VAC / 50 Hz Control Voltage: 230 VAC Control Voltage: 24 VDC Total Power Requirement with Grinding Power: 13.5 HP Fuse Protection: 35 A DIMENSIONS: Machine Width: 118" Machine Depth (Without Control Panel or Control Cubical): 106" Machine Height (Depending on Equipment): 96" Machine Weight (Without Casing or Control Cubicle: 5,512 Lbs. Machine Weight (With Ordinary Casing and Control Cubicle): 7,055 Lbs.


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Size12" X 23"