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220 TON SCHULER HYDRAULIC PRESS PRICE: Loaded on Truck, Our Warehouse, York, PA …… $50,000.00 NET AS IS Stock # 10143 Serial # H/7641 New 2002 Model # HPDZb200 This machine was taken from service from a local plant August 2010 and has been in our heated warehouse since. It is in good condition, disassembled and ready to load. Bed Size: 94.5" x 55.1" T-Slotted Ram Face: 94.5" x 56" T-Slotted Ram Stroke: 23.6" Open Height: 43" Over 9-1/2" Thick T-Slotted Bolster Ram Speed Variable: 108 to 945 IPM Bed Cushion: 69.4 Tons with 12" Stroke Ejector in Ram: 3.3 Tons with 7.99" Stroke 40" Wide Windows Max. Weight of Upper Die: 6,725 Lbs. Max. Offset Ram Load Left-Right: 147,520 Ft. Lbs. Max. Offset Ram Load Front-Back: 73,750 Ft. Lbs. Ram has Double Prismatic Guiding Hydraulic System Operating Pressure: 3,626 PSI Main Oil Tank Capacity: 633.5 Gallons Auxiliary Oil Tank Capacity: 43.5 Gallons Allen Bradley Panel View PLC Control Operator Pedestal with Dual Palm Buttons T-Slotted Bolster Plate: 94-1/2" x 55" x 9-1/2" 150 HP Main Hydraulic Pump Motor, 3, Phase, 60 Cycle, 460 Volts Full Set of Manuals DIMENSIONS: Approx. Overall Machine Assembled: 238" L x 187" W x 23' H Above the Floor The Cushion Goes 44" Below the Floor Hydraulic System: 12' L x 5' W x 104" H Electric Cabinet: 11' L x 2' W x 90" H Overall Press Laying Down for Shipping: 26' L x 153" W x 91" H Approx. Press Weight: 92,000 Lbs. Approx. Hydraulic System Weight: 11,000 Lbs.


Stock Number10143
Size220 TON